NCURA Peer Review

During the fall of 2020, NCURA的“同行评审”团队由全国各地经验丰富的研究管理人员组成, conducted a series of interviews with over 100 faculty, research staff, institute centers/directors and administrators. As a result of this endeavor, 评审小组向澳门威尼斯赌场的领导提供了关于研究支持和外部资助项目的反馈,并分享了建议和国家最佳实践,这些建议和实践可能会被澳门威尼斯赌场作为改进研究支持和管理的参考. 审稿人准备了一份114页的报告,其中包括140多条建议,从需要大量机构投资的大型建议(i.e., “Fill current vacancies; assess long term staffing needs”) to others that are quick fixes (“post the subaward matrix to the ORSP website”).

The full report is posted here for you to access (linked here) and a summary of the identified areas of improvement, recommendations and planned response are copied below.

We thank everyone who participated in this process.

Priority Area Recommendations Initial planned response/action
ORSP Staffing Prioritize central staffing and resources - Prioritize staffing centrally; Identify short, medium and long term staffing needs to support research/externally funded priorities; prepare a salary study to identify appropriate salary levels for the staff within ORSP to ensure competitive salaries and benefits are provided in relation to the Boston area. 制定招聘计划,并立即和长期实施
Unit Staffing and Structure Prioritize unit resources and roles, responsibilities and oversight. 建立协调整个校园研究管理的框架. Building on this framework, evaluate research administrators across the university in relation to titles, functions, 以及薪酬,以确保部门行政人员得到适当的监督,并从公平的角度负责研究管理矩阵中的活动——如果不是重新评估和改变结构的话. Require participation of their research  personnel for scheduled training and networking opportunities; ensure full support for researchers. ORSP/HR project evaluating unit resources
Regular messaging on the importance and expectation for research 研究任务的沟通——校长和教务长将定期就澳门威尼斯赌场研究的重要性和期望提供明确的信息. The VPR and Deans will implement regular messaging on the role of research, as appropriate to each discipline and faculty member. Plan being developed  
Research Development Workshops; Training; Identification of funding opportunities; Professional Development; Increase seed funding and incentives - explore, with faculty input, the range and type of focused workshops that would be beneficial. 应该考虑简短的陈述(30-50分钟)和陈述人的资质. Collaboration with the Office of Faculty Development will be beneficial; developing a year-long plan for offering workshops and such a plan should demonstrate regularity and consistency in key offerings; identify areas of faculty interest for which there are current federal funding opportunities and explore planning workshops focusing on these areas. With additional pre-award staffing, this can be assigned and implemented.
Kuali Prioritize Kuali implementation; Critical assessment of Kuali - Continue to prioritize implementation of Kuali Research. Given the size and complexity of the research enterprise, managing proposal development and submission by email, and manually keying in awards is a big challenge for ORSP. Kuali Research的实施将减少人工数据录入的数量,节省工作人员的时间,并减少错误,还将把研究合规功能与奖项信息连接起来. Ensure long-term plan for supporting any IT related needs that arise after implementation; Critically assess the Kuali Research system’s ability to collect key data that reflects research activity metrics. 鉴于澳门威尼斯赌场对研究的日益关注,这将变得至关重要. In process; initial launch slated for September, 2021
Financial management Establish expectations to help faculty fiscally manage their projects; provide reports and training - establish standard business practices to help faculty fiscally manage their projects (and identify any central or unit staff responsible); define who holds responsibility for training in the use of Summit and implement training regularly for existing and new users; provide faculty regular accurate grant reporting from PeopleSoft or Summit, 包括对pi和其他协助奖励后管理的员工的烧钱率.  视乎协调程序的增加和ORSP中心的必要人员配备而定, unit staffing and identified and supervised roles and responsibilities.
Reporting Needs assessment for data reporting; develop and implement key metrics; Monthly reporting; reporting to PIs- burn rates. Collaborate with the colleges, 评估需求并定义定期数据报告的范围和深度的中心和研究所. Develop a system for tracking and reporting key performance metrics; push out sponsored programs activity reports monthly to the Deans, 主管和领导保持研究活动的可见性,并让关键的学术领导认识到目前正在发生的活动. 取决于改善中心人员配备和VPR报告所有权的执行情况.
Faculty 成立学院咨询委员会——由资深研究活跃教师组成研究活跃教师咨询委员会. 这将使受政策影响的群体能够直接提供额外的教员投入, procedures, and practices related to the research enterprise. 这个组织可以提出各种影响他们寻求资金和管理资金的能力的问题. To be launched in September 2021