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About My French Laundry

My French Laundry is a resource for fragrant beautifully packaged French products including high quality luxury laundry and body care products. My French laundry also offers you decorative fragranced pillows, beautiful jewellery, whimsical pieces and more.

Made in France from plant-derived ingredients, these products are free of sulphates, chemicals, phosphates, and dyes, making them 100% biodegradable, ideal for fine fabrics, and healthful for your skin. The laundry products are made with highly concentrated essential oils, ensuring that a little in every wash will go a long way in terms of both scent and cleaning power.

And being chemical-free, unlike most laundry detergents, they'll give you a wash free of froth and bubbles every time! This makes these laundry powders and liquids suitable for both top- and front-loading washing machines, as the lack of suds means they will work well in high-efficiency washing machines as well as traditional ones.

Once you've finished your washing powder – which will take longer than you expect – the fabulous retro-style canisters making excellent storage tins or display pieces!

The body care products are indulgently rich, with fragrances that are beyond belief, not to mention the exquisite packaging. The body creams also come in a sample box, which is an ideal way to treat yourself (or a friend) while finding your favourite or giving you the variety that is the spice of life.

My French Laundry also offers you, dear customer, an eclectic range of gifts, including assemblage art pieces and French-inspired jewellery that will stand out at any special occasion. Of course, feel free to pamper yourself! Don't you deserve something just a touch frivolous once in a while?

If you happen to reside in Perth, whether we have met you before or you have just found us, we look forward to welcoming you at our small warehouse where you can browse our range of products and be tantalised by the alluring aromas in person. We are easy to find: just follow your nose!

Product News from My French Laundry

french inspired inexpensive gifts for her

Elegant french inspired jewellery especially for her

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gardenia fragranced french biodegradable washing powder

Fragranced laundry powders - care for your clothes!

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beautiful gifts soy candles from france

French soy candles - inexpensive yet elegant gifts

french assemblage art

Artful Dress Assemblage

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one of a kind sculptural jewellery

Sculptural Art Jewellery - statement pieces , one of a kind

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french art in a tin

Cote Noire

inexpensive gift french assemblage in a tinView Now!
cushion from france beautiful inexpensive gift for her

Handmade Cushion Covers

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Our Products -
inexpensive elegance for everyday living

concentrated french fragrance washing powders
washing powders
Concentrated washing powders soften your clothes with a touch of French country fragrance and will have you closing your eyes to sample the aroma all day. These biodegradable alternatives to laundry detergent are free of harsh chemicals, including phosphates, and clean your fine linens and your everyday garments with a formula that's pure, green, and rich in essential oils. An eco-friendly laundry soap formula that works in standard or HE machines combines responsibility with pleasure.


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pure fabric softener with french countryside scents
fabric softEner
Enhance your laundry with a heady hint of the French countryside while softening and fragrancing your linens. This pure formula with its noticeably fresher scent makes a tremendous difference to the softness of your clothes and bedding, and works perfectly with our signature laundry powders.


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biodegradable phosphate free washing liquid
Completely biodegradable and phosphate-free, these liquid laundry soaps are made with top-quality plant-based oils and natural refining oils. Because they're so purely and perfectly made, they can naturally and effectively clean your prized fabrics, whether you hand-wash everything, use a standard washing machine, or use a high-efficiency washing machine.


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french inspired luxury linen water
French-inspired luxury linen water is the utmost in daily decadence with a robust and lovely countryside scent. Infuse your clothes with these exquisite essences by using them in your steam iron or spraying them on before ironing. They're good for clothes, good for skin – we think they're even good for the soul!


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french body cremes powders and luxury body washes
French body cremes, sweet powders, luxury body washes, and pleasing mists fragrance you with the breeze of a sunny countryside. Perfect for building high-end French-inspired gift baskets for your favourite women and girls, these lovely products are also essential for spoiling yourself.


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inexpensive objects of art from my french laundry
Enhance your French Laundry gift or bring a little of the romantic countryside into everyday life with these little objects of art, including artisan jewellery, cushion covers, vintage purses, and other pretties for the feminine and colourful side of all of us!


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funky and feisty soy candles
Funky and feisty candles, not for the faint of heart!


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beautifully handmade cushion from france
Beautifully handmade with a coquettish print of a Carnivale lady smiling over ruffled, romantic white flowers, this 40cm-square French Quarter cushion cover has vintage invitation text printed over its Victorian scrap elements for a delightful collage-inspired effect in your home.  A beautiful gift, this shabby chic throw pillow case is made from high-quality smooth cotton with a primitive burlap backing; it closes around your own pillow insert with a hidden zipper, offering an instant change to your décor.


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Featured products and popular gifts!

Body Products from France with love

  • Embrasse Moi Body Creme

    Elegant and provocative, the pleasingly purplish scent of Embrasse Moi rich body crème centres around the phantasmagorical fullness of roses and the delicate dewiness of orange blossoms. Also to be found in the scent are the tradition of violet, the headiness of vanilla orchid, and the depth of musky cypress. Have no fear that your loveliness will go unnoticed when wrapped in this rose and orange blossom floral lotion!
    The French-inspired luxury body crème is sold in a royal purple box containing a pump bottle for easy use.

    Gardenia Body Creme

    What can compare to a natural gardenia? Perhaps this French-inspired luxury body crème! Suffused with the radiant, warm, and intensely feminine floral scent of the gardenia supported and deepened by orange blossom notes, this is a lotion you'll love purely for its apt representation of this favourite flower, but its sleek feeling is a close second in pleasure.
    A lavender Victorian label enhances the look of this bottle of high-end lotion; it comes packaged in a similarly-labelled tube for gifting or display.

    Matins Verts Body Creme

    A wonderfully fresh aroma in a luxury body lotion for women of discernment, Matins Verts Body Creme opens the eyes with a tart, sweet note of green mandarins infused with the harmonious aromatics of clean lavender and light, luscious hints of herbal bergamot.
    A label depicting a bonneted Victorian lady has been applied both to the luxury lotion's pump bottle and the cylindrical box in which this wonderful high-end gift or self-spoiling body crème has been lovingly packaged.

    Violette de Paris Body Creme

    Suffused with a scent said to be one of the personal favourites of Louis XV, Violette de Paris body crème evokes the simple, sensual luxuries of living with the aromas of soft, tender violets. This core floral note in the lush lotion is accented by the ripe-cherry fragrance of heliotrope and deepened with the subtlety of sensual rose.
    The violet and rose lotion is elegantly packaged with an intriguing illustration on the labels that adorn its bottle and the enclosing box – making this luxury French-inspired gift for women a pretty addition to your own dressing table as well.

    Lily of the Valley Body Creme

    The freshest expression of spring's purest aroma is concentrated into a luxurious lotion scented with lily of the valley. Lily of the Valley French Body Creme is a supple, skin-nourishing blend suffused with delicate droplets of this ultra-feminine fragrance. Sweeten your skin with the classic purity of this luxury floral lotion.
    Lily of the Valley Body Creme is packaged in a white pump bottle which is itself boxed to look elegant on your vanity table or serve as a perfect centrepiece to a thoughtful basket of luxury French gifts for women. The botanical illustration of the flowers advertises the essence of the scent.

    Lavender Body Creme

    What can compare to the pleasure of pure French lavender lotion? The iconic purple-grey flowers which grow wild upon the rocky slopes of Provence are widely acknowledged to be the world's finest example of lavender, the herb whose fresh and healing scent is so instantly inspiring. Enjoy this lavender-scented lotion and feel the relaxing invigoration.
    This refined French-inspired lotion is elegantly bottled and the bottle boxed, making it an ideal addition to luxury bath gifts or to your private stash of opulent French-inspired body care for women.

    Pamplemousse Body Creme

    A sensual and surprising fusion of grapefruit, almond, and violet invokes the sacredness and the physicality of true beauty in Pamplemousse Body Creme, a luxury French-inspired lotion packaged for gifting to women with luxurious tastes, but covetable enough that you'll want to add a bottle of the lotion to your own daily bathing routine.
    The lingering French fragrance of this lotion, which includes the full-bodied cream of vanilla and a fixative of perfumer's musk, keeps your skin soft and scented all day long with a blend of the choicest bath ingredients. A designer label lends novelty as a shabby-chic gift.

    Plaisir Body Creme

    Lovely and long-lasting notes of ylang ylang's heady strains, rose's old-world pleasures, and jasmine's breathless innocence combine into a French-inspired aroma concocted to bring out the facets of a woman's beauty. Infused into this sensual Plaisir Body Creme, they dress your body in pure floral fragrance.
    Packaged in a travel-sized metallic pump bottle with an artfully-designed label for easy use as a luxury French gift, this flower-scented lotion makes a lovely focal point for thoughtful gift baskets and fits easily on your own vanity shelf.

    Desir Absolu Body Creme

    The succulent flesh of oranges, the bright zest of lemons, and the earthy fullness of patchouli mingle into a scent of classic rose in Desir Absolu Body Creme. This French body lotion, sized for use as a luxury gift or a fragrance-freshening bit of pleasure to tuck into your desk drawer, is made from pure and nourishing ingredients that carry the scent perfectly.
    Desir Absolu Body Creme's pump bottle packages the chemical-free bath product in perfect shabby-chic style.

  • Reve Passionel Body Powder

    Once you've lovingly applied the exquisite moisture of a French Body Creme, keep your skin supple and the nourishing lotion sealed in all day by dusting yourself with Reve Passionel Body Powder. The complex, exotic, fruity scent of this fine after-bath powder comes from ripe raspberries and succulent oranges balancing the classicism of rose and the intense sweetness of ylang ylang in a bed of greens.
    Healing vitamin E infuses the carefully-formulated blend of finely milled grains in this seductively soft French-inspired body powder for women who love the aromas of ripening summer.

    Gardenia Body Powder

    Full-bodied and sweet like a mix of vanilla with the tempting blooms of Paradise, the aroma of the gardenia flower is often selected for the finest of bath and body products for women. This silky, elegant Gardenia Body Powder mingles that classic fragrance with the instantly-recognisable scent of orange blossoms.
    This French-inspired, floral-scented bath gift for women of refined tastes is a soft, luxurious powder; the rich and potent floral scent infuses every finely-milled particle, as does a helping of vitamin E for keeping your skin moistened and touchable.

    French Body Powder Sample Sachets

    Enjoy an elegant, feminine moment of pampering yourself with these pleasurable powders. Each elegant paper packet in this generous box of 22 contains a diminutive dose of one of our fabulously scented, unquestionably elegant French Body Powders. Healthful grains and a soupcon of vitamin E lend nourishment to your skin, while the traditional action of fine after-bath powder seals in natural moisture and enhances the effects of lotions.
    Perfect for trying out all the rich and unusual fragrances of this luxury bath product, the sample-sized packets also make wonderful fillers in elegant French gifts for women. Each features the artful individual label created for that scent, offering a source of beautiful shabby-chic ephemera when the portion of powder enclosed in the envelope has been used.

  • Pamplemousse Body Mist

    The juicy sharpness of grapefruit, the soft sweetness of violet, and the creamy wholesomeness of almond come together with vanilla bean and a bit of supple musk to create Pamplemousse. This luxury French scent is perfectly suited to the inherent lightness of a misting body splash.
    Natural Body Mist is made from a blend of fresh, pure anodised water with a hint of shea butter to bring your skin a hint of moisture and a glow of health. Layer it under lotion or use it alone to freshen your scent and hydration throughout the day.

    Plaisir Body Mist

    All the intense, heady sweetness of a faraway pleasure garden sweeps you to the perfumed world of a glittering royal court every time you use Plaisir Body Mist, a floral spray that elevates your fragrance with a current of intoxicating ylang ylang, ingenue jasmine, and worldly rose.
    This luxury body spray is based in pure anodised water and shea butter, a simple healing and nourishing blend and a perfect carrier for the coquetry of this French Empire fragrance. Apply it before or after your favourite luxury body lotion to enhance your scent and elevate its moisturising effect.

    Desir Absolu Body Mist

    Sunny citrus fruits and liquid nocturnal flowers fuse into a delicate breeze in Desir Absolu Body Mist, the perfect solution when you need a refresher of your personal fragrance or a flawlessly luxurious and feminine gift. Both oranges and lemons can be sought in the sumptuous scent, carried amidst such womanly floral classics as jasmine and rose.
    Contained in a metal spray bottle with a stunning designer label that announces the French inspirations for this fragrant gift, the top-quality body mist is made of such simple, wholesome ingredients as pure scented water and a touch of shea butter.

  • Pamplemousse Body Wash

    Vanilla bean and musk give a natural full-bodied sweetness to Pamplemousse Body Wash, a luxury liquid shower gel for women with a dancing triad of focal notes: the purity of violet, the warmth of almond, and the liveliness of grapefruit.
    Aloe vera and tree bark give this French body wash the thick, whippy richness that makes it feel so sensual in your shower, while the well-chosen fragrances it releases provide the perfect starting point for a lasting, layered scent.

    Plaisir Body Wash

    "Luscious" is the only word for this exquisitely thick and rich French body wash! Plaisir's scent is a balanced triple floral, ranging from familiar, treasured rose to evocative jasmine to Far Eastern ylang ylang. Use it to create a classic floral undertone in any scent you choose to wear.
    Made with botanical extracts to provide its unmistakable consistency and character, Plaisir Body Wash is a luxury French gift for women that will prove both useful and pleasurable. In your own bathing routine, it offers a floral fantasy of fragrances that linger on your newly-nourished skin.

    Desir Absolu Body Wash

    Make no mistake that citrus can be delicate and feminine – not with the delicious candied tartness of the lemons and oranges in the Desir Absolu scent. The luxury French body wash scented with this potent and lovely blend also includes the fragrant essences of patchouli and rose in its aloe-infused formula.
    Thick and satin-smooth, the body wash's formula heals the skin while you experience the pleasure of lathering it to release its scent. A gift-quality pump bottle with a vivid, artful label contains the elegant body wash.

  • Provence Sante Boxed Soaps

    Scented like a tempting bowl of boudoir fruits, the Provence Sante Boxed Soaps are redolent of flawless apricots, bright and perfect mandarin oranges, romantic jasmine, and sensual musk. The tender fruits and liquid florals combine beautifully into an evocative French Empire scent for this luxury bar soap.
    Each round Provence Sante bath soap is individually wrapped in classic pleated tissue – a perfect presentation for luxury French gifts for women – then boxed in a set of four. The decorative box's square lid is printed with a still life of apricots.

    Caswell Massey Bath Soap

    Though lavender and violet aromas infuse each bar of Caswell Massey Bath Soap, the flowers are caught at their peak of growing freshness so that the resulting scent has an enlivening herbaceous air which is both perfectly Provencal and gorgeously green. The sweetly-scented oval bar soaps are elegantly imprinted with the name of their manufacturer for a traditional French presentation in a shabby-chic soap dish or a custom gift set.
    Hefty, high-quality soap bars are formulated to cleanse without stripping the skin of the natural properties which keep it moist and healthy. Gentle and conditioning, these French bath soaps are perfect for all skin types; their oval shape makes the generous 150-gram bars comfortable to hold.

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